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Testimonials // by Customers

  • Namrata kohli

    Setting up your first home can be a daunting task! There’s so much to choose from and so little time. Across furniture, lights, fabrics, themes and colors, not only are the options infinite but the budgets can hit the roof too. For our first home, we wanted everything to be perfect and our designer Kumpal really helped us put together the perfect home within the right budget. It’s a proud feeling to have setup our home. I can’t wait to have friends over every weekend. Thanks to Dwll.in for making the connect and helping us find the perfect interior designer!

    Namrata Kohli, Microsoft, Mumbai
  • I bought a new house and wanted professional help to get the interiors done. I came across Dwll.in and was immediately impressed by what they had to offer to someone like me who didn't have a lot of time or a huge budget to go through the process of finding a good interior designer. The talented bunch of people behind Dwll.in understood my need and recommended me the perfect guy. They kept following up to ensure that everything went smooth. The designer too was quite capable and was very helpful. Overall, Dwll.in is the only website I am going to recommend whenever someone asks me about anything related to interior design. Kudos to them for such an awesome experience!

    Abhijeet Mukherjee, Guiding Tech, Delhi-NCR
    Abhijeet mukherjee
  • V vetrivell

    I would like to congratulate the team behind Dwll.in for coming up with the idea of creating something like this and helping the clients in connecting the best designers. I am happy to use the facility provided. My best wishes!

    V.Vetrivell, Media Consultant, Chennai
  • I needed to get my office re-designed in South Mumbai. After many initial struggles of looking for designers through my personal network and listening to their exorbitant and out of context quotes, I happened to come across Dwll.in. I was connected with a couple designers all of whom understood my requirements and provided me quotes, which matched my budget and requirements. I ended up hiring Madhavi who has been great to work with and provided some brilliant designs. I strongly recommend using dwll.in and giving their designers a shot for your project!

    Amit Misar, S.G. Misar & Associates, Mumbai
    Amit misar
  • Manoj nair

    Finding a designer is hard when you are staying in Abu Dhabi and your apartment is in Mumbai! I came across Dwll.in and mentioned my constraint of staying away and not being available in person to supervise the project. They helped me find the perfect designer who designed and managed the project and I am very thankful for the ‘no hassle’ experience!

    Manoj Kumar, Abu Dhabi Capital, Abu Dhabi

Testimonials // by Designers

  • Kumpal

    Dwll.in is a very interesting portal which definitely fills the gap between the client and the designers. It has been superb!! Their customer service is great. The team responds very quickly and go above and beyond to help.

    Kumpal Vaid , Purple Backyard, Mumbai
  • I've been associated with Dwll.in from its nascent stages and the experience has consistently been pleasant, helpful and truly rewarding. The team behind the platform constantly strives to raise the bar (I can say that with supreme confidence since I am also associated with other similar platforms who fail to match the professionalism displayed by Dwll.in). 
    The platform itself is simple, convenient and mutually beneficial to both the client as well as the designer. Their team is always available for support, advice and with ready solutions for problems, should they ever arise - which thanks to their thorough background check - are minimal. Overall it has been great working with Dwll.in and I wish them all the success in the future, and may we have many more fruitful collaborations!

    Aastha Wadhwa , AW Design Studio, New Delhi
    Aastha wadhwa
  • Vimi rath

     Dwll.in is a great initiative to provide a platform to designers. It not only helps the consumers but is very helpful for designers as well as it is a great place to market oneself. The Dwll.in team is very prompt and efficient and provide great backup and support to us in following up with clients and basically filtering the queries so that we get through to the genuine customers only.

    Vimi Rath , Stonehenge Designs, Gurgaon
  • I happened to stumble upon this ‘one stop’ interior design website and liked the concept of bringing together both designers and clients on one page. I have found this site very efficient as not only did it gave me projects but the interaction with the clients and understanding their requirements at the first go which made it easy to kick off the projects without any hassle. Kudos to the extremely competent and helpful team!

    Jagruti Kapur , Kapoor Interiors, Hyderabad
    Jagruti kapoor
  • Archana

    Dwll.in has been a great place to connect with like-minded people, independent designers and interesting clients and briefs. Working around with them and the team Dwll.in for all their support has helped PINKAPPLE complete two projects in such a short time! I look forward for this fruitful association and journey.

    Archana Ganapathy Poonacha , The PINKAPPLE Studio, Bangalore